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Online Discoverability and Vulnerabilities of ICS/SCADA Devices in the Netherlands

Online Discoverability and Vulnerabilities of ICS/SCADA Devices in the Netherlands. AS name AS number count percent 1 KPN AS1136 160 16.18% 2 undefined AS9143 142 14.36% 3 PT AS8737 109 11.02% 4 VFNL AS15480 80 8.09%...


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Jaarverslag Europese Investeringsbank 2018

maturity date are classified under "Maturity undefined". EIB STATUTORY FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 69 2018 FINANCIAL REPORT Liquidity risk (in EUR million) Maturity at 31 December 2018 3 months or less More than 3 months to 1...


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Child abuse in institutions in Europe

abuses on children in the Roman Catholic Church, cases of child abuse in Germany are most frequently detected in connection with church institutions, such as the church itself with 44% (29% Catholic, 11% Lutheran, 4% undefined...


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Rapportage Indringend Ketentesten (IKT) Fase 7

van werkingsgebieden in de documentgerichte viewer ‘Naam onbekend’ getoond.B ij één publicatie was de citeertitel niet meegenomen in de publicatie en werd deze in de lijst met documenten als ‘undefined’ getoond.O verigens is bij...


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IOB Evaluation Between Prospects and Precarity. An evaluation of Dutch assistance to refugee reception in the Syria region (2016-2021)

the new policies and programmes that have been designed are actually achieving this link, and whether they are the appropriate modality for doing so. The report also states that ‘the very concept of the nexus remains...


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PNN Monitor International Scholarship PhD Candidates

on their PhD. Once they had become the vast majority said they would have preferred an employed position. 3.The position of ISPCs is unclear. They are neither student nor employee. The undefined position of ISPCs affects...


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The 2% Tax for Eritreans in the diaspora

of the Eritreans in the diaspora. It is accepted by few as a way of contributing to the development of Eritrea or to help the martyrs and former fighters. Instead it is regarded as an obligation...


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Vijfde voortgangsrapportage Europese Commissie

of the annuity discount rate from 7.55 percent to 5 percent which will be done in a manner ensuring legal certainty and will yield saving of EUR 165 million EUR up to 2020. Negotiations concerning the...


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Verruiming van de aangifteplicht voor ernstige seksuele misdrijven?

18/beleidsinformatie-veilig-thuis-2e-halfjaar-2018. 321    CBS 2019b CBS, Politie registreert meer zedenmisdrijven, 8 februari 2019, beschikbaar op: https://www.cbs.nl/nlnl/nieuws/2019/06/politie-registreert-meer-zedenmisdrijven#id=undefined. Claeys 2014 S. Claeys, Ambtelijke aangifte, Gent: Universiteit Gent 2014 (masterscriptie), beschikbaar op:


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Reactie European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) en Remote Gambling Association (RGA)

The Explanatory Memorandum provides several examples where the operator is required to intervene with specific measures, but based on criteria that are either unclear or undefined, and without substantiating how these measures can genuinely contribute...


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DPIA on government Facebook Pages

only processes some of these observed data as analytics for the Page admin. It is plausible that the government organisation is in fact also a joint controller with Facebook for the invisible and undefined processing of...


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Nederlandse inbreng publieke consultatie nieuwe genomische technieken

identified the following problems associated with the application of the current legislation to plants produced by targeted mutagenesis and cisgenesis:  Legal uncertainties in Directive 2001/18/EC (and other legislation based on it) have been intensified by...


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Evaluation of Schokland and Millennium Agreements 2008-2013

of subsidy spent 100% Target area 10 countries: Benin, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Nicaragua, South Africa, Sudan, Surinam, Tanzania, Uganda Partners Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), VNG International (VNG-I), Nicis, CREM (4 in total) Lead partner VNG...