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Rule of Law/ Rechtsstatelijkheid

Hoorzitting / rondetafelgesprek: "Rule of Law/ Rechtsstatelijkheid "Deze vergadering is geweest
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Rondetafelgesprek Rechtsstatelijkheid


The time schedule is indicative. The language of discussion is English.
Programme 15h00 – 18h30
Academia 15h00 – 16h00
  • Dr. Petra Bard, Associate Professor ELTE School of Law, Hungary and Visiting Professor at Central European University.  
  • Prof. Rick Lawson, Professor of European Law, Leiden University.
  • Prof. Laurent Pech, Professor of European Law, Middlesex University London.
  • Dr. Jonathan Price, Junior Research Fellow, Aquinas Institute, University of Oxford.
  • Dr. Anikó Raisz, Associate Professor, University of Miskolc, Hungary.
    Judiciary 16h15 – 17h15
  • Prof. Geert Corstens, Former President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.
  • Kees Sterk, Deputy Chair, Netherlands Council for the Judiciary.
  • Miklós Szánthó, Director, Center for Fundamental Rights, Budapest, Hungary.
    Civil society 17h30 – 18h30
  • Clare Algar, Director Global Operations, Amnesty International.
  • Marta Pardavi, Co-chair. Hungarian Helsinki Committee.
  • Dr. Israel Butler, Head of Advocacy, Civil Liberties Union for Europe.
  • Dr. László Marácz, Senior Lecturer East European Studies, University of Amsterdam