EU rapporteurs per committee

Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Regulation for the sustainable use of plant protection products

Leonie Vestering, PvdD

Thom van Campen, VVD

Nature restoration regulation

Derk Boswijk, CDA

Leonie Vestering, PvdD


The revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Peter de Groot, VVD

Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence

Jan Klink, VVD

Stieneke van der Graaf, ChristenUnie

Digital Affairs

EU Cybersecurity Act

Queeny Rajkowski, VVD

Hind Dekker-Abdulaziz, D66

European Affairs

Rule of Law Developments in the EU

Mustafa Amhaouch, CDA

Stieneke van der Graaf, ChristenUnie

EU working method and information provision

Ernst Boutkan, Volt

Jeroen van Wijngaarden, VVD

Economic Affairs and Climate


Raoul Boucke, D66

Renske Leijten, SP

Agnes Mulder, CDA

Reform EU-Electricity Market

Ernst Boutkan, Volt

Silvio Erkens, VVD

Critical Raw Materials Act

Mustafa Amhaouch, CDA

Raoul Boucke, D66


Digital Euro

Mahir Alkaya, SP

Eelco Heinen, VVD

European monetary policy

Mahir Alkaya, SP

Laurens Dassen, Volt

Eelco Heinen, VVD

Pieter Omtzigt, Lid Omtzigt

Possible adjustment of the Stability and Growth Pact

Eelco Heinen, VVD

Steven van Weyenberg, D66

The elaboration of the global OECD agreement on taxation for multinationals

Folkert Idsinga, VVD

Henk Nijboer, PvdA

Infrastructure and Water Management

Circulair Economy

Kiki Hagen, D66

Agnes Mulder, CDA

Regulation on common rules for the allocation of slots at Community airports

Daniel Koerhuis, VVD

Revision of air quality directives

Erik Haverkort, VVD

Health, Welfare and Sport

EU Pharmaceutical Strategy

Judith Tielen, VVD

Julian Bushoff, PvdA

Wieke Paulusma, D66

European Health Data Space

Judith Tielen, VVD

Wieke Paulusma

Joba van den Berg, CDA

Kingdom Relations

The relationship of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom (the Dutch OCTs) with the EU

Roelien Kamminga, VVD

Jorien Wuite, D66

Preparation groups

European Affairs

Pepijn van Houwelingen (Forum for Democracy) and Laurens Dassen (Volt) - European values in EU member states
Roelof Bisschop (Reformed Political Party) and Laurens Dassen (Volt) - Covid-19 recovery package
Kati Piri (Labour Party) and Pepijn van Houwelingen (Forum for Democracy) - EU enlargement
Jeroen van Wijngaarden (VVD) - Developments with regard to the Multiannual Financial Framework


Salima Belhaj (Democrats 66) and Derk Boswijk (Christian Democratic Appeal) - European Defence Industrial Development
Programme/European Defence Fund